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On the Mac, the most popular all-in-one package for installing the tools you will need for a local web server is MAMP. There is also a Mac version of the XAMPP package. You can also use the native Mac Apache and install MySQL and PHP yourself. The following pages cover some of these different approaches.

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Just thought I'd post a link to my article on doing a Multi-Site setup on OS X 10.4. It doesn't require installing MAMP or XAMPP, but you will have to have PHP and MySQL running, which are covered in Manually install MySQL and PHP. Other than that, it's all tools that are included in OS X natively.

I've used some of what can be found here and in other section of the documentation, and tried to bring it all together. Plus I included a cronall script that you can download to automatically cron all your Drupal sites. See the post at

Maybe this will help someone.

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Run a linux server inside Parallels or VMware Fusion and connect via ssh, ftp, or mount the htdocs directory via NFS Manager.

Advantages are being able to closely replicate a production environment, avoid modifying your system, and run multiple instances. Disadvantages include the cost of software, virtual machine overhead, and having to install linux.

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It is also possible to set this up for Mac OSX Lion/10.7 without MAMP. Apache2 and PHP were already there straight from the Apple factory - installing MySQL was pretty straight forward.

I've written up my own personal experience of installing local multi-site drupal instance(s) and gone on to describe how I sorted out using drush to sync the live and dev sites. I hope it helps someone out there. Please let me know if this would be a useful page edit...

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Here is a a great step by step article by Neil Gee, on how to get OS X: El Capitan up and serving local web pages using the already installed Apache and PHP. Installing MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin