The attached patch provides 4 drush commands:
* domain-user-domains : lists the domains a given user is assigned to
* domain-user-users : lists the users a given domain is assigned to
* domain-user-assign : assigns a given user to a given domain
* domain-user-unassign : unassigns a given user from a given domain

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And here's the patch.

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Status: Active » Needs review

Please set patches to "needs review".

Looks like fun!

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Revised patch. Some notes.

  • Thanks for the initial patch. These are very useful.
  • I removed the _user prefix from the commands. I know why it was there, but unfortunately, the domain_user namespace is reserved for other uses.
  • Be consistent with your variable names. There were @params that didn't match function signatures.
  • Returning your own errors created redundant messaging. Those have been removed.
  • While you check for $domain returns correctly, you falsely assume that _drush_user_get_uid always returns correctly.
  • "Add" and "remove" are just as correct and easier to remember than assign and unassign.
  • Please follow coding style carefully, especially indentations.
  • Please write proper code comments -- especially writing complete sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization.

The last two items are documented in the developer's guide.

New patch needs review.


  1. Should we add aliases for these commands?
  2. Should we allow multiple users/domains to be passed in a comma-separated list?
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New patch at #3 looks good.

What aliases did you have in mind?
IMHO, allowing multiples users/domains to be passed is a nice-to-have, it can easily be achieved with a shell script.


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Any useful alias, like du-add or similar.

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I guess such aliases should be added for all domain drush commands as a coherent whole, and not only for that one.

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Right. The existing commands should already have aliases, where appropriate.