the instructions for configuring the CKEditor should read:

        - for CKFinder installed in the "sites/all/libraries/ckfinder" directory:
        require_once '../../../../../modules/ckeditor/includes/filemanager.config.php';



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If this path is correct:

        - for CKFinder installed in the "sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder" directory:
        require_once '../../../../includes/filemanager.config.php';

so in the path sites/all/libraries/ckfinder u have one less directory so it is impossible to add one more ../ like u write, because then u're probably under drupal directory.

Pls check does u install CKFinder in correct path: drupal_path/sites/all/libraries/ckfinder.

I closed this issue, because path to CKFinder is correct - if i write sth wrong or make mistake pls reopen this issue.


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I have the following directory structure:


which means that the path "../../../includes/filemanager.config.php" doesn't really make sense.

If ckfinder/config.php expects to navigate up three levels and then down to the "includes" directory in ckeditor, then it will need to switch between "libraries" and "modules" in between, hence the addition of "../../modules/ckeditor". The result is:

../../../  +  ../../modules/ckeditor/  +  includes/filemanager.config.php


PS. I should mention that this works for me. The original instructions do not.

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Status:Closed (works as designed)» Needs review
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Title:Wrong instructions for configuring CKFinder» [D6] Wrong instructions for configuring CKFinder
Status:Needs review» Fixed

I'm really sry it was my big mistake, u're right.
I change this in documentation and commit it to GIT (diff).

I also change this in Drupal 7: #1595606: [D7] Wrong instructions for configuring CKFinder

Again really really thx for find this bug.


Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.