Since the Limesurvey Synchronization module has been moved to the Limesurvey Sync project page, upgrading is possible but not as easy as usual on Drupal modules.
Your best choice should be a fresh new start using the Drupal 7 version.
However, if you want to go on your previous install, follow that steps :
- Disable all 3 modules Limesurvey Synchronization Responses, Limesurvey Synchronization Survey and Limesurvey Synchronization : don't uninstall them !
- Delete the 1460746 folder from your install folder (site/all/modules/1460746).
- Clear cached datas under admin/settings/performance.
- Upload the limesurvey_sync into your install folder.
- Enable all 3 modules Limesurvey Synchronization, Limesurvey Synchronization Survey, Limesurvey Synchronization Responses.
- Resynchronize all existing answers, under the Synchronization tab of each survey.


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Project: » LimeSurvey Sync
Version: 6.x-1.0-beta4 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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