How to figure out make login + register form appear when an anon. user wants to comment or other registration necessary functions and user get
» You must be logged in to post a comment.
[LOGIN] + [REGISTER] options appear below it

that would be user friendly (foolproof) option rather than try to look to a login link

anyone configured Drupal with such way?


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The login & register to comment should be an active link already ? when a topic is opened no ?

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thats what i would have thought.

but if not, couldnt you do this with sort of clever cck and content template stuff? i dont know php well, but could you search for the php that would print a certain set of code in the situation you want?

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VeryMisunderstood + Nick thank you for your replies, but i did not exactly understand what you mean VeryMisunderstood (your nickname is cool and humorous :)

maybe i could not explain properly, i'll try again for clarification

for example
basically comments or any other activity for registered users -i.e 'post a node/article' 'search' or 'post to guestbook' etc.

unregistered user clicks to link of ' post a node' 'comment' or 'search' or 'guestbook'

he/she gets the page
'You must be logged in to post a comment.'
than avarage 'fool' user thinks -what now?- and has to look for around the links for register
but instead or at the same time he/ she can see the [REGISTER] [LOGIN] [REQUEST NEW PASSWORD] field(s) on the dame page right on the spot and make him to go 'aha!' :)
--You must be logged in to post a comment.
fields not links

It could be nice if there is a setting to do this on the search module settings or logintoboggan
yes- maybe there is a way around to achieve this with cck template/view or hack but i can not figure out how and my php is no too good either


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Did you ever find this solution? It's been about four years so you may not even be looking here anymore but if you did I, as well as others new to Drupal, would be interested in seeing how you accomplished this.

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It has been about a year I was looking for this information, ahirnya see also here .. Greetings from me Iconia pc tablet dengan Windows 8

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Just found or comment_verify

for content I just found anoymous posting.

good luck and I hope that helps
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