How comes the german translation one can download is so outdated ?
I downloaded the german translation from the "Translations" link off the mainpage of here ( )
and found it only translated like 25% of the entire strings.
So i made the effort to translate everything to 89.3%, but today i found out there are loads of different PO files in the CVS
and there is also some kind of translation-guidelines one should stick to. Great, but...

If the "latest version" wasnt so outdated, i could have invested my 8 hours into translating strings that were not yet translated, and there might be a 100% translated version by now.
Instead i did not find the latest version at the place it should be, so i re-translated everything again. D'oh.
So someone who can do this, please release an up to date de.po and put it behind the "Download latest release" link.

Maybe i should have done a little more research here, but i think everyone like me who wants to try drupal will choose the same way to get his german translation will get the same old file as i did. Not everyone is familiar with CVS.

(No flaming/moaning intended.)


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thanks for your work! I'm not so familiar with CVS and I would appreciate if someone can make such a de.po-file.


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I have just updated the translations in CVS, the new version of de.po should be available in a few hours from

Sorry, the delay is mostly my fault, my spare time is almost non-existant at the moment.


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I'm not familiar with the various tools out there, but it should be quite easy to use your updated file to change the individual .po files. So your work is probably not wasted.

You probably know this already, but all the info you need to translating should be in the translator's guide. Specifically, the section about recycling old translations should help.

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

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Well im not familiar with CVS either.
I also did read the docs about translation, thats why i was able to translate the downloaded .po with PoEdit.
The Problem now is, that my translation wont fit the guidelines they worked out so far. Plus i translated stuff again that was allready translated in the CVS.

My main point is not that my work is wasted, my main point is, that there actually is a better and more accurate and far more advanced translation available, and i think the obvious download link should be updated.

It will sure help drupal gain more reputation in the 3 countries that speak german. And the next guy with too much time could actually add to the translation instead of re-inventing the wheel. Just my 2 ct :-)

_nfo: You can access the CVS here:
I found that link in some other posting, would have never found that on my own.
If you have added all .po's from the cvs you may want to grab my .po from It will make it like 92% translated. But i recommend you use my file last and only add untranslated strings not found in the CVS files.

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I just updated CVS, the downloadable de.po should be updated in a few hours. I'll try to merge your changes into CVS step by step...

If possible, please provide patches against the single *.po files in CVS in the future (or simply attach the single *.po files to the issues), as this makes it easier for me to check the changes and apply them to CVS...

Thanks for your work, Uwe.

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Maybe it could be useful if such informations are put on the project page of the German translation. Yet I don't know if those pages are automatically generated or indeed are editable …

And BTW: with more and more people working on the translation, some directly using the CVS, the others using the issues-system, it might be necessary to list the contributors and what they are currently working on – or we end up with much .pos done twice or more.

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The project page is maintained by me. I have added some more info there now, if I missed something, please tell me.


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I've imported the latest (I think it was the latest, dated 01.02.05) german.po into my new Drupal 4.5.2 installtion, yet it only shows "859/1679 (51.16%)" as translated.

Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong?

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Consider yourself lucky. I only had something like 46 per cent.

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You're not missing anything. The translation is simply not completed, yet.


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Why are some people above talking about 89% and even 92% completed? That's a lot more than the 51% I have.

Or are the differences simply the result of different sets of activated modules?

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uwe has written, he has updated the translation - but the latest release is still marked as 10/2004.

however i've used the "offical" release and got 49%. then i added madman's work and i got 92%.
why is there still these discrepancy?

however, how it looks like this is a "du" translation. what would best way to create an additional more formal "sie" translation?
i've read, but of course it's not done by replacing du with sie ..

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Yes, our aim is to create a "Sie" Translation, but we're not done, yet. The discrepancy is there because not all patches etc. are incorporated into CVS, yet. But all those things are on my/our TODO list, stay tuned.


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OK, I understand.

I agree, a "Sie" translation is probably better. Perhaps two versions could be maintained, although that's probably too much to ask as it creates a lot more work!

Thanks for your work, I'm looking forward to the next releases! :-)

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How did you add madman's work? Simply by feeding every *.po file from current CVS into your drupal system?

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no i used the .po file which he posted here

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Using this file my translation is up to 92.92% now. :-)

However, I did get an error: Translation file de_0.po broken: plural formula couldn't get parsed.

Anyway, I'd guess it's better than before now. :-)

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One of my clients is asking for a French / German site. So I'm interested in the German translation. What are the parts that are OK, and what is to be done?

Arie Dirk Schenkeveld -

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Acctually not much, sorry to say this.
All longer text blocks are not really translated, and i kind of dislike the constand change between "du" and "Sie".
So maybe there should be an agreement that only "Sie" should be used since this is the common form to adress a person in Germany if one doesn't know him.
(My personel feeling since we stick to this in our own programming too).

I'm thinking of translating the files myself, since there is a lot still to be done.
Will look into this problem right now.
Meanwhile you could use the personal translation of madman which can be found at the
above link.
He has done a lot more, then what has been previously accomblished.

Anyonw really wanting to get this job done, please contact here or contribute, not just make false statements

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hmm my 2. try to post

anyways, im willing to contribute, but i need some direction

  • german translation guideline(s)
  • current status and current version of the .po file
    im not sure if the .po in the download section is really the newest
  • how to contribute

contact me via michael.r.lange[you know whats inserted here]


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Please always use the CVS versions of the files to translate, they are always the newest ones. If you want to contribute get one of the untranslated files from CVS, translate it and post a new issue to the German Translation project where you attach the translated file.

Some guidelines are available from the README.txt.

-- | |

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Hello Uwe,

please add a file like "Work_in_progress_by" so we can see who is working on which .po file like you had said in your mail.


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Hi there folks.
I just finished updating the following .po files.
They all should be finished, but someone please crossread for miss spelling etc.
Working on the blog.po file next.
For translations i'm using SuSE 9.2 and kbabel 1.9.
I'm not sure if it is possible to create a kind of dictionary which can be passed arrround to anyone also using kbabel.
I'll look into this later.
In the translations issue you can find the translated files for patching them against the de.po file.
Follow this link.
Select all from status, to see everything that is going on!!!

I'll work my way gradualy through all of them.
Additional help would be very nice.
If everybody would takle one .po file we could be done by the end of this week!
Also if someone is pulling a .po from the cvs for translation, please open an issue under the project issue so everybody can see who is working on which file.



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I added 5 new de.po modules to the Issues yesterday.
Uwe patched most of them against the CVS already.
Have a look in the CVS repository or you can grap them under the above mentioned issue.


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I added 4 more .po files today.
Have a look under the translation-issue folder.