Hi there,

I am quite new using Drupal, and especially Panels, so maybe I am missing something obvious. The thing is I have installed the following modules and themes, but somehow I am not able to use neither the AT responsive panels layouts nor the AT Panels Everywhere layout with Panels. Everytime I try to use them I get a one column layout, with a 100% width, which I cannot alter either.
If I use the two or three column layouts provided by Panels, that works fine.
Is there any problem with the versions I am using, or do I have to check some option I can´t find?

Panels 7.x-3.2
Panels everywhere 7.x-1.0-alpha1
AT Panels Everywhere 7.x-1.x-dev
AT Core 7.x-3.0-rc2+2-dev

I would really appreciate your help, as I have been several hours searching for the problem, with no results.


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To be frank, its totally untested. Its the next thing on the agenda, so to speak, I would imagine there's not much to making it work seamlessly, I'll install it later today and see whats up.

Can you please try to give more details about what you are doing such what type of Panel you are creating (is this is a Page manager page, a mini panel etc etec?.

Any details might be important, just do your best, but I need something.

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OK, I just gave this a quick whirl by creating a custom page using Page Manager, adding AT 3 column layout and a few bits of content, no issues encountered, worked perfectly.

Did you save the theme settings at least once? You have to do that, otherwise there is no CSS to handle those layouts - because this is mobile first design, there is no fall-back layout - the default layout is one column, for mobile. To "create" the other layouts you must save the theme settings at least once. Maybe that is the issue here?

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Thanks you for your supersonic response.
I have tried many options, saving the theme settings to Desktop first to avoid the one column mobile layout. But I get always the one column. I have even tried the Adaptive theme as default, to see if it was your theme, but I get the same result.
I am also quite puzzled by the fact that I change the page width in the theme settings, and it doesn´t do anything. It is as if Panels somehow disabled the theme settings (I have both checked and unchecked the option "Disable Drupal blocks/regions" in the General Panels tab).
I am using a Node template Panel. I have just tried a Panel Page as you did and it doesn't work, either.
By the way, I am also getting this: "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in mobile_tools_context_init() (line 20 of ". I am going to disable that module and see if it has anything to do..

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"I am also quite puzzled by the fact that I change the page width in the theme settings, and it doesn´t do anything"

If you are indeed using Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x then this is the tell tale sign that something is wrong with the file system.

Go to admin/config/media/file-system and make sure both the Public file system path and Temporary directory are set correctly. Then check the permissions on these folders - Drupal must be able to write to those folders, otherwise many things will not work in Drupal, including Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x. Try setting them to 755, or maybe 777 which is not actually secure, but might get it working.

As a check, look in your public file system folder and see if there is a folder called "adaptivetheme" and if there is anything inside it, there should be folder called something like this "at_panels_everywhere_files_da16cadb" (the hash on the end will be different) and inside that there should be a number of files (mostly CSS files).

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Hi again,

I am working on local and this is what I see in admin/config/media/file-system:

Public file system path

Private file system path

Temporary directory

I don't remember changing anything here, so I guess the must be the default values, or not?
I thank you again very much for your help.

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sites/mysite/files/backups is not a default value, sites/mysite/files/ is the default, regardless, it doesn't matter, what matters is something is set there, so you have to check the permissions (lots and lots of posts about this in Drupal forums etc, just Google it), and check of those files/floders exist as I explained in #4.

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Unassigned from issue, only assign yourself if you are actively working on the issue, such as writing a patch etc.

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Thanks for your guidance, but I think I am still stuck.
After reading through a lot of stuff I have checked that all users (System, Myself and Admnistrators) in my Windows machine have all the permissions to modify, read and write every folder and file in my site. Indeed, in mysite/files there are four folders: backup, ctools, styles, sweaver; so I infer there should be no problem to create the adaptivetheme folder you mentioned. Could I just copy those files manually?

Maybe I should make a fresh install of Drupal, and see if that works, what do you think?

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What you are saying does not make any sense. If you saved the theme settings at least once then the folder and files get written, if that failed you would get a warning message.

You need to have this online to debug further.

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The thing is I save the settings with Desktop first or Mobile first, I go to the List tab, and once I return to the Settings tab, the radio button in either case is gone. And the folder is not created... So maybe you are right with the permissions, but I think have correctly checked. Do I have to do somethin specifically with the theme to let it write on the files folder?

*I read something I don't remember where which made me question if the paths to the theme folders are correct. I have both adaptivetheme and at_panels_everywhere in sites/all/themes, side by side.

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I have finally fixed it! I have done some maintenance works, ran cron updated, some things.. but what I think solved it was to rebuild the Node Access Permissions in the Status Report Page. This made the settings options stay, and as you said, there is now the adaptivetheme in the files folder.
I thank you so much, I am really happy now with my panels everywhere!!