i want to source the activity-streams out from heartbeat to nodejs based on the hearbeat installation with integrated shoutbox and rules. however, when i switch off the polling on the stream, the new messages are anyways posted into the stream as they are worn out of the rule. how do i have to configure the whole thing so that it works with nodejs momentary directly in the drupal - installation (later on maybe outsourced) in real-time? can anyone help me?

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Well, this only works in the most basic approach for now. There is only the configuration when polling for newer messages ... a new setting is attached to set this to "nodejs". Ofcourse the nodejs module needs to be configured as well.

The permissions access checks do not work yet, so this string returning does not know if it CAN be shown.
Best not to use this feature yet if your activity is not public all the way. If not, you can use it.

I'll need to check this if it is broken with the new code of nodejs module.

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Title: how does nodjes need to be configured to make heartbeat work in real-time? » how does nodejs need to be configured to make heartbeat work in real-time?

thanks for that quick reply, stalski!
could you please tell me how nodejs have to be configured and what a config on the localhoast has to look like?
is there a seperate nodejs-script needed on the server or is this already brought by drupal out of the box with the module nodejs?
is this feature polling over nodejs in the heartbeat stream settings only found in the newest version of heartbeat??
thanks a lot for your support.

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no extra js needed, just configuration of nodejs server after installing it ofcourse. (that was the most difficult part, but even that was pretty easy).

Every activity getting logged will trigger the after logging hook which heartbeat_nodejs implements and thus can "broadcast" the messages in the stream.

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thank you for supporting.
when would a version for a produktive system expectable?

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.0

It does not work, can you provide me more details configure about node.js server module.
User Activity load automatically after without page refresh.

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Stalski congratulations on a great module i still haven't gotten this to work with nodejs sever should i run the config.js or the server.js on the actual nodejs server this is tricky for none devs to implement thanks for your great work a full step by step would help alot of new people like myself understand this implementation alot more so we could build on it
Thanks in advance omar

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