Would it be difficult to allow for multiple file inserts at the same time? I currently get an error when more than 1 file is selected (in an unlimited image field): "Please select a file".

On a sidenote I'm trying to figure out how to integrate plupload with imce, that coupled with this bug fix and maybe a way to disable the default drupal upload would make it possible to route all the media management through imce : )

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Project: IMCE for FileField » IMCE

Moved to IMCE issue queue as it seems this is not a bug/feature inherent to IMCE for FileField but rather to IMCE itself.

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This patch is to support multiple file insertion first implemented in imce_filefield in the related issue #1597366: Multiple file insert

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Consistent with the report here, it seems the following line:
Should be changed to:

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As per my comment #17 at #1597366: Multiple file insert, after applying both patches in this and the related issue and making the change in #3 this is still not working for me with the imce 7.x-1.6 or the latest dev version, and the latest imce_filefield latest dev version. Has anybody managed to get this to work? This is really useful when multiple files need to be inserted, thanks.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review

I've re-rolled and attached patches (and commented on the patches) over here in the IMCE FileField queue. It would be good to hear the maintainer's thoughts on them.

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@the maintener(s) -

As per #5, there are 2 patches required to allow multiple files to be inserted using imce_filefield, one for imce and one for imce_filefield. As per #21 in the related imce_filefield issue, #1597366: Multiple file insert the 2 patches have been tested and confirmed to be working correctly against the latest dev versions of both these modules and they are RTBC from my perspective. Can you please review and commit if these look good to you as well? Thank you.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (works as designed)

IMCE can be used to work with multiple files as described in the related issue.

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This didnt work for me. I applied both patches, but when selecting multiple files and clicking insert it said only one file at a time was allowed.

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Sorry, got it working now, manually patched it wrong.

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I am trying to upload many pictures in 1 click but I am using Drupal 6, can you help me ?

Thank you.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.7

I'm using IMCE purely on the Body field (Drupal default BODY's field) without using IMCE filefield. I wish to insert multiple files at 1 time to my Body's content. I wonder which patch should I apply? I have tried patch #2 but didn't work. Very inconvenient when I have 10 or more photos to insert into the content one by one. Please advise. Thanks.