Download drush-7.x-5.2.tar.gztar.gz 390.24 KB
MD5: eb18dc1640bcf7a9dc776dec5cd0d163
SHA-1: bf89f8eb783e7978d4dd289dd2b2b21cc8a59538
SHA-256: f5b432d2cbca64462aa6bb2a2d43bd0f8935c11565a380c3635c9ba82f725978
Download drush-7.x-5.2.zipzip 472.68 KB
MD5: bc293fb0dffdbd98dbd9e82cac476b66
SHA-1: dbf26caa1310bec55db3c80e67c641f26e223349
SHA-256: 114998833459b1382cbf2b2ff92c8db17088d307bd79929350f7a3095244cc67
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/drush:^5.2'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jonhattan
Created on: 18 May 2012 at 15:42 UTC
Last updated: 18 May 2012 at 15:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-5.1:

  • #1512916 by Elijah Lynn: Fixed @see should be @see example.drushrc.php in /commands/sql/
  • #1219850 by greg.1.anderson, scottrigby. Enable db_prefix support in sqlq.
  • #1565888: pm-enable and pm-disable throw errors when hidden modules are enabled
  • #1524378: Strip HTML from messages sent to the command line
  • #1574814 by dkingofpa: Fixed drush_policy_help_alter() in example is the wrong name.
  • #1562662 by benoit.pointet: Fixed site-install : MAINTENANCE_MODE defined too late.
  • #1570966 by greg.1.anderson: Fix error in searching include paths when a provided path did not exist.
  • #1569784 by greg.1.anderson: allow certain global options to be set via command-specific options for commands that use strict option handling.
  • #1556044 by dave_robinson: Fixed test-run --all fails by using @self alias instead of @none
  • #1561666 by moshe weitzman | jhedstrom: Fixed pm-download sets a 'soft' error during failure.
  • #1513846 by moshe weitzman. Add a pre_validate hook. All existing code will continue to work fine, as this is an API addition, not a change.
  • #1470220 by Pedro Lozano: Fixed --sanitize-email not working.
  • #1538412 by FluxSauce, jhedstrom | jmlane: Fixed `drush help make` directs users to non-existent file 'README.txt included with drush make.
  • #1539694 by FluxSauce: Fixed drush make does not fail or throw an error when attempting to unzip an archive when unzip is not installed.
  • Explicitly set 'integrate' to FALSE when calling drush_find_tmp() for remote sql-sync calls.
  • Integrate was always supposed to default to TRUE.
  • Move deceptive 'load alias' log to a more useful and reliable location
  • #1562764 by juampy: Fixed Undefined variable: db_scheme() when using drush_db_select() in Drupal 6.
  • #1180240 by sionescu, cschaub, aaaristo: Fixed Add Oracle support.
  • #1545512 by troyer: Fixed drush help rsync shows wrong default parameters.
  • drush_invoke_process was using 100% CPU; add calls to stream_select and sleep to give time to other processes when waiting for I/O
  • #1476994: Handle change in top-level directory name in fully-packaged distribution tarballs
  • #1532166: Show only involved extensions if failed to obtain the common path for a project's extensions.
  • #1558584: Show corresponding bootstrap error (+ tests)
  • #1345392 by eporama | bfroehle: Fixed core-quick-drupal: Unknown option: --default-major.
  • #1546656 by BanjoVista: Fixed sites.php ist not saved in drupal dump!.
  • #1551074 by hass: Fixed 'drush ard/arb' does not notify if something failed to backup.
  • Fix regression in issue #1416198: Drush should check for missing values for options that require values (e.g. --sites-subdir).
  • #1545562 by mkuhn: Fixed drush dl should not warn about missing git_deploy() module if option --gitinfofile is given.
  • #1543478 by JSCSJSCS: Pass --yes through to gzip in sql-dump
  • Fixes sh logic for moving dump file.
  • #1533526 by jhr: Fixed Archive-dump multi-site fix.
  • #1532804 by Grayside: Improved git repository context example.
  • #1528908 by JSCSJSCS: Windows compat when gzipping output of sql-dump.
  • #1168812: Respect filesystem permissions.


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