Thank you very much for this excellent module.

I've noticed that menu blocks do not react to context when they're not assigned to a region.

Context allows selection of any block and placement of region, and a block should appear when context is activated, even if it's not assigned to a region. (the region is actually selected in context).

Would it be possible to allow for ALL menu blocks to react to context, even if they are not assigned to a region?


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I am having this same issue!

On another site, everything works perfectly. You don't need to set a region on the menu_block configuration page. You can just use context to place it anywhere you like (as you would a standard block)

However, on this new site, it never shows up wherever I place it via context. It could be theme related, I will look into it.


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Strangely, when I now make another menu block for the main site menu, it works ok.

Region 'none' in both custom sub theme and admin theme. Added to a region via context.

Not sure what the issue was here.


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