People are confused about "Save" and think it means "Save as draft" as opposed to "Publish immediately, with all of my typos."

Upstream Drupal core issue: #1123696: Does 'Save' publish my content? module is being used on Gardens.


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Why not just have:
Publish | Save | Delete

Publish = Move current draft into main node data
Save = Save to a draft
Delete = Deletes the published node and it's draft(s)

Can even have nice descriptions that appear in a div below the buttons on mouseover.
Might also be cool to have draft auto-saving every 30s or so.
Maybe a cancel and unpublish button could be added also.

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Version: » 7.x-1.x-dev

This for me was the main thing that popped out when I saw the video. People could press save and think 'well, that's that'.

If i were new, i may not have any idea that preview functionality exists - i might just assume 'save' means save changes to live site.

Some possibilities for improvement:

If preview is enabled:

1. On the inline editor: 'Save | Save to draft | Discard changes'. 'Delete page' I would move to the toolbar.

By save to draft, i dont mean bringing a revision system in (although some kind of inbuilt simple draft and revision moderation that could then be easily extensible for more complex cases using the Workbench module would be great!@!) but just basically saying 'save for now, but let me look at the whole thing and then ill see if i want to publish'. Perhaps better wording could be used, but i cant think of it.

If 'Save to Draft' is clicked - a popup saying 'Title/body/Bio field updated. Changes will not be saved until you press 'Publish'.

2. Or: just keep it to 'Save | Discard changes'. Once save is clicked, the same popup comes up.

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Thank you very much for your feedback, @akamustang & @nirbhasa!

There's also an issue for this in Edit's issue queue: #1678002: Edit should provide a usable entity-level toolbar for saving fields. Not sure if we should close this one or not.

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Just wanted to add that the save_draft module used by Gardens does work well as far as usability is concerned. I would vote to think more seriously about this route.

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Title: Make Save / Publish distinction clearer » [Meta] Make Save/Publish distinction clearer

...according to #1780984-4: Test prototype for Save/Publish in one place + revision selection, this is supposed to be a meta-issue.

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Tagging for workflow.

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Core didn't end up doing anything with this, so we didn't either.