1. Weight value superseded by Alphabetical Menu (e.g. weights through Menu Link are apparently ignored)
2. Menu links cannot be made visible through structure > menu > list links > menu link, "weight" as expected
3. Child Pages linked through "Add child page" at the bottom of Book Pages appear to be the only visible to produce (sub) menu links in Bartik 7.14 (default theme)
4. ...also Wishing for design flexibility to move sub-Menu left, right, top, bottom


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I was able to get the weighted order only after first applying alpha/numeric variables as the descriptor in the Title field (e.g. 1. Titlename, 2. Titlename, aTitlename, bTitlename etc). Now there is a bulleted list with #'s, though the list is properly organized by the standard I intended, a "bug" fix seems relevant.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I don't see what this has to do with the Menu attributes module.. can you provide exact stept to reproduce your problem?

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I wanted to link Child blog entries to a Parent as an weighted list.

1. I provided a weighted order from Home » Administration » Structure » Menus > Main Menu > List Links
2. from the List Links "edit" page, I completed appropriate Menu link title, Path, Description, "Enabled" the Menu link, defined the Parent link and appropriate Weight.
3. I could not get the list to preview in weighted format (as it would default to alphabetical).
4. I played with the content Title field so that when I used a weighted number (e.g. 0-4), or alphabetical instances it then displayed appropriately (in weighted form based on a "#+TitleDescription").
5. see "work-around" numbered example http://www.eresinstitute.com/drupal-7.14/node/21

Thank you for the input and effort understanding this issue.

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If this instance cannot be duplicated, I then believe the result may have been the cause of my own faulty module de-installation.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

This doesn't seem to be related to this module as this module doesn't deal with menu weights just menu attributes.

This could be a feature request but I think the request needs to be clarified further and reopened as a feature request, closing for now.