I am using WYSIWYG filter and get this message after I save.

The class attribute is used in your HTML elements and attributes rules. You should specify the Rules for Class Names field in the "Advanced rules" section below. Leaving it unspecified will result in all class attributes filtered out.

I'm just trying to set Filter to allow precise placement of images in CKeditor with full html through media module.

Only images by URL are by users, but I still need to allow precise placement of images.

I would appreciate some links to presets for this. Preset samples would be great. I can figure things out in time, if I know what works and what doesn't.

So far, I am very pleased with this module. Even though I do not have it completely set I am able to use the editor text box more efficiently.


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You can check out the WYSIWYG Filter section of my guide at http://bit.ly/d7wysiwyg for some decent presets for this use-case.