On a site I'm working on the slideshow breaks when there are multiple slideshows present.

Roughly summarised, the problem is that the slideshow count is appended in the wrong place:
- the HTML id's like "views_slideshow_main_foo" and "views_slideshow_main_foo-1"
- the Javascript settings have id's like "views_slideshow_main_foo-2" and "views_slideshow_main_foo-1"

So one of the divs has the numeric ID in the settings, but not in the source. This causes an exception (can't set targetId on undef) in views_slideshow_cycle.js::16.

I patched a very temporary (ugly, bloaty, rubbish) fix in our local version that added the non-numeric *and* the numeric JS config to the source (because of ordering this works out fine, but it adds weight) at the same time.

Let me know if you need any further info / debugging. Can't point you to a site as it's local at the minute :(


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I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but I have two slideshows on one page, and the second slideshow rotates once then disappears (in other words, does not repeat). Richthegeek, is this what you have been observing? So I +1 that.

http://beta.mefnj.org (slideshow on the front page and in the footer)

Main slideshow continues, the footer slideshow stops and disappears after one rotation. Does not matter what page it is on.

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I have the same problem , Can you attach the "ugly, bloaty, rubbish" , please ? It is better than nothing ....

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I got deeper into this and you are right .
When I commented the following lines :
/*if ($slideshow_count > 1) {
$vss_id .= '-' . $slideshow_count;
$settings['vss_id'] = $vss_id;

in views_slideshow_cycle_theme.inc in views_slideshow/contrib/theme

Everything worked fine. It seems like the block that has no _1,_2,_3, is accounted in Drupal.settings.viewSlideshowCycle as blockname-#number of blocks -2 . Than it does not find it.
Thanks for the lead , It would have take me hours without it .

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Issue summary: View changes

I ran into this same problem using 7.x-3.1. Following zvischutz's method in #3, I commented out Lines 66-69 in views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow/theme/views_slideshow_cycle.theme.inc and now both of my slideshows blocks are cycling properly. Thanks!

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#3 worked for me too.

Thanks alot Zvischutz

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed in a while back in dev, included in latest stable releases as well.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.