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When using Views with the Views content pane module enabled, you can add displays of the type content pane. These have a few display-specific settings, found in the pane settings group (see figure 12.14):

  • Admin title: This is the name used to represent the pane in the list of available content panes (in Panels).
  • Admin desc: This is a more detailed description of the pane and is shown as a tooltip in the list of available content panes (in Panels).
  • Category: This is the category where the pane will be placed in the list of available content panes.
  • Link to view: This option creates a link from the pane's title to any page display configured for the view (or to any path override).
  • Use panel path: When a view is dependent on a path, such as for exposed filters displayed in blocks, this option will make the view use the path where the view is embedded.
  • Argument input: This is the setting that more than any other makes this display type powerful. You may set how any contextual filter values should be collected from the panel where the view is embedded. You may set each contextual filter input separately. See below for details about the options.
  • Allow settings: This setting allows you to override some of the view configuration at each embedding of the view pane. These settings will be available in the configuration for the pane. See separate section for details about the options.

Figure 12.14: The Content pane display type has a number of display specific settings. The most interesting ones are argument input and allow settings.

How can this be used?
The admin title option is particularly useful when a view has two different content pane displays – since by default they inherit the view name, it can be difficult to tell apart when working in Panels.
The category option is particularly useful when creating a number of displays relating to the same features on a website, such as grouping them in a photo gallery category in Panels.

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