Hi Michael,

I am using Custom breadcrumb (7.x-2.x-dev) with Drupal 7.14.
My Contextual links get hide when I enable Custom breadcrumb. Can anyone else has the same issue with this version? Do I need to do some other settings for Custom Breadcrumb.

Please check & fix the issue asap.

Awaiting feedback.

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i have same problem

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Same here,
just by enabling the base Custom Breadcrumbs module, all my contextual link on every page broke. The selector widget is there on hover, but not a single item is shown on click. But there is no JS error.

Context link start working as expected, after Custom Breadcrumbs is module is disabled.

I'm using 7.x-alpha-3, with Drupal 7.22

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Hmm... Weird. I could succesfully set up contextual links along with custom_breadcrumbs enabled (see screenshot).

Can anyone confirm that we are talking about links created using the 'Custom Contextual Links' module ? Thanks

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For us every contextual link on every page on the site disappeard when custom breadcrumbs module was enabled. Pretty weird.

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We had that exact same issue. It turns out there is an experimental checkbox in the module that seems to conflict with the contextual module. Make sure the option "Force the active trail" is unchecked in here: admin/config/user-interface/custom-breadcrumbs

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Issue summary: View changes

Thanks César (cesarmiquel, #6)! That did the trick — much appreciated!

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Just spent about 6 hours searching why Rules admin does not provide me Add action, Add condition etc links.
On this project i have simple ignored missing Contextual link (not so important).
Very long searching.

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this is still a big problem, I also spent 3 hours to understand what was the problem with my contextual links !

please remove this option "Force the active trail" from this module to avoid that bug

thank you