I'm trying to figure out how e-mail theming with mailsystem works. It appears that quite a bit of work has been put into this, but I can't really see how to go about it. Is there any documentation this is not related to other modules? That is; how do i theme e-mails regardless of the actual mailsystem implementation?


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I wrote most of what is now HTML Mail to support extensive email theming. I wrote Mail System so that I could use the same code for the Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions of that module.

By itself, the only effect that Mail System has on theming is to supply a superior html_to_text() function.

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Alright, I see. The reason I'm wondering is that I'm working on the Swift Mailer module which allows theming too. I was just curious if this was something the mailsystem module could take care of entirely. If that was the case, then I would be happy to look at removing that feature from my module.

It would make sense to have the theming support in one module, instead of having all sorts of e-mail modules implement theming in a different way. The core of the module I'm working on is to bridge Drupal with the already existing SwiftMailer library, and not theming. I'd be happy to cooperate on finding a way on this which all e-mail modules could take advantage of.