After hitting entering a message and hitting Chat, it seems to delay slightly before the message the client sent is displayed in their own chat log. Is it waiting for the form submit to return before adding it?

Would give a smoother feel to the end user if the messages they wrote appeared instantly in the chat log (with JS).


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yes, i'm open to this.

this means we don't have access to the message id when we stick in the DOM, which i have a vague recollection being an issue. it might not be an issue now we're using push instead of polling.

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so it seems the message id isn't necessary anymore, but i thought of some other complications.

we also need to push theming down to the client, because appending the message without a roundtrip removes the ability to override the theming of messages, filter them for smileys etc.

so i'm open to this if someone wants to create a patch that addresses the theming issues, otherwise, not so much.