I have an existing Drupal 6.x website that I want to make available on mobile. Can anyone recommend a responsive mobile base theme for D6? Although there are versions of Omega and AdaptiveTheme for 6.x, they are not responsive mobile according to their documentation.




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Google Search: site:drupal.org


Note 1: Do Not insert a blank-space after the colon (":") before the first letter of the domain name ("drupal.org").

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and add your keyword(s) &/or "keyword phrase"(s).

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to search for exact phrase matching in the search.

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Drupal 8 is great.

Re: Drupal 9,000
Three-minute Video on the problem
of technology out-pacing users.

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I did search with Google and drupal.org. That is how I found Omega and AdaptiveTheme (which are not responsive for D6).

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