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MD5: 508a0bf315b319eb16cb3bdf24cc886e
SHA-1: eb3a77ed30bf391241911257db594a74d2e4af83
SHA-256: 0a7220db5748c941f78e9a159834e5fe87ee8c954ed772fea0e50726da30aad2
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MD5: a6388fc4d80ce9d2d100cbed71ea9061
SHA-1: e61ea86c7a5e33623c2634972d9e3b43d51003a9
SHA-256: f91b147429e0be726cf550ea0447d80204b4947544ad2dc1ec2b1ff54c1f9162

Release info

Created by: mcdruid
Created on: May 10, 2012 - 23:52
Last updated: May 10, 2012 - 23:55
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-2.0-alpha4:

  • #5939382 by carteriii: Fixed advanced_forum_topic_list's 'Last post' field should use 'Node: Updated/commented date' rather than 'Node: Last comment time'.
  • #1361526 by mcdruid: Fixed bug introduced by addition of views field handler for node title, whereby 'Link this field to its node' no longer worked.
  • #1361526 by mcdruid: Fixed (or rather worked around) bug in views which can cause character encoding errors in AF's topic list default view.
  • #868942 by mcdruid: Fixed now-outdated CSS image replacement (text-indent) technique.
  • #687196 by mcdruid: Fixed (well, avoided) fatal error when views_get_view fails to return AF's own view object.
  • #413494 by mcdruid: Fixed support for comment_edited module.
  • #1351392 by aidanlis: Added drupal_alter to forum_get_forums.
  • #1309104 by Bill Choy: fixed table header CSS which clashes with sticky-header.
  • #1369468 by bf2mad: fix forum topic class name on table headings.
  • #1337412 by salvis: Fixed hook_menu doesn't need to specify access callback / argument for a local task.
  • #1328152 by RedRat, mcdruid: fixed table header have unsufficient columns if Taxonomy Images integration is on.
  • #1337412 by salvis: Fixed hook_menu specifies access arguments but not access callback, so can break if something other than user_access is inherited as the callback.
  • #1193484 by Scyther: fixed label 'None' changed to '- None -' to be consistent with other modules including taxonomy and CCK.
  • #989842 by lasac, mcdruid: give comment subject / body focus when Quick reply is clicked.
  • #1298490 by FiNeX: Fixed incorrect unread replies count when using nodecomment and forum_access.
  • #1291650 by mcdruid: fixed access check for reply links didn't check nodecomment permissions.
  • #1265248 by Henke001: fixed accidental addition of timestamp to new comment count as part of incorrect application of patch from #1138360
  • #1138360 by rcurtin: Fixed advanced_forum_reply_num_new() breaks when {history} cleared
  • #1205716 by Jody Lynn: Fixed hook_menu missing 'file' locations.
  • #1193484 by Scyther: Fixed the fact that it was not possible to turn off collapsible forum containers (selecting 'none' option did not work properly).
  • #1193474 by Scyther: Fixed different default value for advanced_forum_collapsible_containers variable
  • #868772 by Michelle, merlinofchaos, mcdruid: Fixed search box and search views should be disabled in the absence of the core search module, as they won't work.
  • #1131900 by sandino: Fixed string not wrapper in t().
  • #1124116 by dereine: Fixed PHP notice
  • #1111856 by troky: Fixed broken Last Post link if topic does not have any comments yet
  • #1109820 by troky: Fixed broken link to new posts in subforums.