Hey Guys :)

i am editing my page to make it multilingual. Its all okay, i use i18n and translated my static contents. For every translation drupal creates a new node.

The menu structure in default language is like this:

For example in the 'person' area i created new node with content with a menu entry called 'my art' (for example). Then i went to menu options and created a new menu item that also links to 'my art' and under this i paste the direct menu entry of the node 'my art' ^^ so it seems to be complicated - but it isnt :

--PERSON (links to my art)
---My Art (also links to my art)
---My Sculptures (links to the page my sculptures)

When i translate 'my art' i do not have the possibility to locate it under 'PERSON' - it is not listet !!!! ALL the other menu items are shown, but not this. I do not understand.

Maybe you can help me.
I dont know how to solve the problem.


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I answer my own question - but maybe somebody can use it ^^
The 'Problem' is, that the english Menu Items in the backend are only shown, when u switched the side to english !!! :)