Thank you for the great module. I have created a Views RSS feed. The feed is available at The Feed View has the following fields:

Content: Title
Content: Body
Content: Post date
Content: Image
Content: Path (Path)
(author) User: E-mail
Content: Path (Comments Path)

Within the Feed view, under Format: RSS Feed - Fields Settings, when viewing the Feed:Style Options under Item: Elements Core, I have the 'enclosure' option set to Content:Image. As per the documentation, for the Field - Content:Image settings, the formatter is RSS element. Under the Multiple Field Settings for the Content:Image I have checked 'Display all values in same row' and changed Display unlimited values to Display 1 value.

This feed works as expected when using the RSS option within Mac's Mail program (it displays all expected fields as well as an image). However, when viewing the RSS in Microsoft Outlook the image isn't displayed, instead it is listed as a file download below an 'Enclosure' header. I realize this may not be an issue per se with this module and more an issue with Microsoft Outlook, but I was curious if you had success displaying images within the Enclosure field when using Microsoft Outlook as the RSS reader. I also see the images aren't displayed when using Google Reader. I have feeds for both Google Reader and MS Outlook that do display images, so is there a fix for Views RSS?

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The way of displaying content of <enclosure> element depends on the feed reader, and the truth is that each one does it in a slightly different way (sometimes even not that "slightly"). From what I have quickly read online MS Outlook treats enclosures in more or less the same way as email attachments (as potentially harmful to your machine), and does not show (or even download) them automatically.

Have you checked those other feeds you have mentioned that do display images if they really use <enclosure> element for those images, or something else (like <media:content> for example)?

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I think this is what you are looking for: at least for Google reader, when I inspect the element it is displaying this following:

<div class="view-enclosure-parent">
<a href="" target="_blank">
<span class="view-enclosure">Original enclosure (map-rugs.jpg)</span>

Let me know if you were looking for some other kind of information.

And I was guessing that this was a feed reader issue, and not a Views RSS issue so much...

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

If you see that code from your comment #2 in your feed it means you have your feed misconfigured - you should have no HTML in the <enclosure> field. Please read module documentation on Setting up core <item> elements.