I'm testing a D6 to D7 migration that includes Ubercart to Commerce. The process is D6 to a clean D7, then Ubercart D6 to Commerce D7 using commerce migrate.

After initial migration I notice that customers with a lot of previous orders have a lot of duplicated addresses in their address book. Is there any easy way to remove previously created duplicates?

Also - I installed commerce addressbook *after* the test commerce migration; would installing it before the commerce migration help?


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Title: Address duplicates after migration » Removing address book duplicates

Changing title to be more general, since I'm not sure this is migration related....

In site I'm working with, there are several thousand orders from an previous ubercart D6 store. It looks like all of the billing info was imported as active user profiles, so many users will see *a lot* of identical entries in their address book,

Is there a safe way to remove deactivate these duplicates? I can see that "deleting" an address under a user account sets the status column in the 'commerce_customer_profile' table to 0, but I'm not sure if this is the only setting involved?

Ideally, I would make all but one identical address / profile inactive. If this is difficult, leaving only the latest used profile active would be OK.

Thanks in advance for for any help or ideas.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

i'm afraid this a won't fix issue.
even the profiles data migrated it's the same, the profiles are still distinct entries.

i think this could be solved within the migration.