I updated page_title from 7.x-2.5 to 7.x-2.6 this afternoon on my development instance. After running the database update script and clearing all caches, and before I pulled to production, I noticed all my custom page titles had been removed (see attached screenshot). Furthermore, the list of patterns in Configuration > Search and metadata > Page titles is now empty (see attached screenshot).

I'm running Drupal 7.12. Any ideas?


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Have you tried emptying cache? Try submitting the modules page? Looks like it cant find any of the include files anymore, which is very odd... Is there anything in the "modules" subfolder (withint page_title)?

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I have the problem too. Since version 7.x-2.6, all existing entries are no longer available. Cache is cleared.

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Back to 7.x-2.5 and all entries are back.

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Yup, I cleared the cache. I just reverted the update and went through it again with the same results, too. Here's my process.

  1. $ drush dl page_title
  2. $ drush updatedb
  3. $ drush cc all

Here's my git output when I run $ git status after drush dl'ing and git add'ing, if that's helpful:

#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/LICENSE.txt
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/blog.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/comment.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/forum.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/node.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/page_title.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/taxonomy.page_title.inc
#       new file:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/uc_catalog.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/user.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/modules/views.page_title.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title-admin-settings-form.tpl.php
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title.admin.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title.info
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title.install
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title.module
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/page_title.views.inc
#       modified:   sites/all/modules/page_title/views_handler_field_node_page_title.inc
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Priority: Major » Critical
Status: Active » Needs work

I've just had this happen to me on my own site. DAMNIT... Why didn't that show up earlier?!

/me debugs...

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I just emptied my cache (after completely replicating the above problem) and my site returned to normal (running 7.x-2.6). I now cannot reproduce.

If its unreproducable, its going to be very hard to track down...

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That was weird...everything seems to be fine for me now, too.

It seems when I cleared cache at the command line using $ drush cc all I experienced the issue, but when I clear the cache through the UI at at Configuration > Performance things are fine with 7.x-2.6. Is that even possible? That's all I got.

Well, thanks for looking into it!

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Hmmm - that could be it. The first time I used drush, the second time I used the UI.

Not that it should make *any* difference..

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I also had the same issue. Ran the update with drush (drush updb). Throwing errors until I manually cleared the cache through the web ui.

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I had the same issue (and the same resolution), but I specifically cleared cache 3 times.

  1. updated using drush
  2. by habit, ran an additional drush updb followed by clearing cache twice (using drush cc)
  3. Certain pages would give the undefined index notice while others would not load at all (not even white screen)
  4. Googled this issue, and decided on a whim to clear cache again. No more notices, page titles defined in admin/config/search/page-title are all there...
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I think I've got it...

$ drush cc all seems to always result in an empty array being stored in the cache, whereas a devel-based UI clear is roughly 50:50 (for me).

I think that the process of clearing the cache interferes with hook_init(), module_implements() and module_invoke_all().

I am testing a work around for this locally and will patch -dev imminently.

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Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.7
Status: Needs work » Needs review

I have tagged a 2.7 release for D6 and D7 which, locally and on my blog, do not reproduce the bug above. I have cleared cache and run "updb" several times and the settings persist.

I hope this works!

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Same here. Clear cache doesn't work.

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If you clear the cache and then visit admin/config/search/page-title it seems to fix the issue. Otherwise, it may or may not be fixed.

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Are you guys trying 2.7 or 2.6?

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Unfortunately, the problem with 7.x-2.7 still, back to 7.x-2.5 and everything okay again.

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Thanks, Nicholas! 2.7 seems to work perfectly with $ drush cc all.

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Bandy - did you try clearing your cache?

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Yes, I did. Multiple. However, I do not know how that should go with the Drush. I use the flush-cache feature of Drupal.

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With version 7.x-2.x-dev - 2012-May-11 it works. Thank you.

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Hello all, still have the same issue with 7.x-2.7
After drush cc & drush updb I still have the problem, also if I clear cache from UI. I am having also another issue, default home page don't have a title and I have no way to set it for (I don't have the needed form), setting it directly into theme code don't help to close the issue.
Any idea on how to definitely fix this issue?