Single user blog or article content type

The core blog module provides blogging functionality and links for all users. By contrast, this feature is designed to be a blog or article listing for the site itself. We don't need the blog module to be activated at all. The checkboxes in the "System controls" are intended to be added to several feature content types

Content type:

  • Title
  • Body (with rich text editor)
  • Image (image field) - this is separate so it can be displayed in the listing pages and in a slideshow
  • Image source (link field) - images often require attribution
  • Tags (taxonomy ref)
  • System controls (vertical tab fieldset)
  • Add to slideshow (boolean checkbox) - items that are checked with this will be added to the views slideshow block for the front page
  • Mark as featured (boolean checkbox) - these items will be added to a featured list of content
  • Don't display image in full page view (boolean checkbox) - sometimes users want an image to be in the slideshow or teaser lists, but want a different image or layout for the full page

Teaser display: Title, trimmed body text, image field resized and cropped, image floated to the side

Full page display: Title, image and image source in a div that is floated to the side, full text, tag links


  • Blog listing page - page, unordered list of teasers, sorted by most recent first,
  • Blog archive block
  • Slideshow view (system view - not specific to this feature) - specifically designed for front page - large images from all content that is marked for slideshow
  • Featured listing views (system view - not specific to feature) - grid and teaser list views
  • Tags block (system view - not specific to feature) - listing of top 20 tags with # of entries in parenthesis

Image styles:system styles

  • Teaser
  • Full page
  • Slide
  • Square
  • thumbnail
  • tiny thumbnail

This feature includes several items (views, image styles, fields) that are actually intended for the entire system. I have included them here for clarity, but notated which ones are for the whole system.


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Status: Active » Postponed

Postponing, since we need to complete current steps first. See #1564866: [meta] Roadmap

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Note for future use - if we include a taxonomy for "Site section" with a listing of blog, article, & press release, then we can call the type "Article" and adjust views to display listings for each type. This way, a blog post, site article and press release can all share a common form and layout, but be easily filterable. Changes might include:

URL Pattern: [node:field-site-section:name]/[node:created:url_date]/[node:title]
Listing page - page, unordered list of teasers, sorted by most recent first, page variations for each site-section (blog, press-release, article)
Archive block - press release and blog each
Recent content block - all 3 each
Rss feed - all 3 each (example: blog/feed, article/feed, press-release/feed)

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