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MD5: 0517edcb9f93aedb8510eab84fc8bfa7
SHA-1: 1d211afe217f5d33834e1fa43116bd92515c5952
SHA-256: f62c77be27395516b621b0b9303af0eedbbef4282048e13784aa7c3f1d9d0186
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MD5: 215b9187f48be659ec8d8aa9a7945494
SHA-1: f4f2d835565f31969fe94ef0b9cf1a59ff99734f
SHA-256: 53370da2a703ef3191416b37ce54310b4e7133fb327f8abb4b35803dec1115f1

Release info

Created by: Dave Reid
Created on: May 7, 2012 - 17:43
Last updated: November 2, 2013 - 19:23
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.0-unstable3:

  • #1507334: Add an additional 'My files' view display to the Media browser.
  • Fix spelling typo.
  • #1512718 by exratione, Dave Reid: Fixed errors in media_browser_form_submit() on uploading multiple files.
  • Deprecated the browser_library_empty_message variable since it is not used anywhere.
  • #1359524: Fixed unable to scroll when content overflows the modal.
  • #915352 by Dave Reid, careernerd, Devin Carlson: Cleaned up the listing of media internet providers into a simple text listing.
  • #1500122: Ensure that &$info is documented as a parameter for hook_media_browser_plugin_info_alter().
  • #1142630: Fixed media_fid_illegal_value error should not happen when adding valid local file in a field. Also adds a proper error message when an invalid file is used.
  • Update the WYSIWYG toolbar button image size to match the other toolbar buttons (20x20 instead of 16x16).
  • #1492294: Fixed untranslated form title string in media_admin_config_browser().
  • #1482822: Fixed backwards support for old CTools plugin handler definitions.
  • #1238772 by Dave Reid, amateescu, aaron, becw: Show a form error on the WYSIWYG configuration page if the Media browser button is checked but the Media filter is not enabled for the configuration's text format.
  • #1292932: Allow the View's generated title to override its media browser tab's title.
  • Ensure that the 'Add file' local action appears on the admin/content/file/thumbnails page.
  • #1400200: Implement the MediaBrowserPluginInterface::access() method for MediaBrowserInternet.
  • #1400200: Added a MediaBrowserPluginInterface::access method().
  • #1400200: Added a proper interface and abstract class for Media browser plugins. Improved documentation.
  • #1382150 by Dave Reid, temaruk: Added hook_media_token_to_markup_alter().
  • Fixed drupal_alter('media_browser_plugin_info_alter') should be drupal_alter('media_browser_plugin_info').
  • Follow-up #1407088: Move the media_internet media hooks to
  • #1407088: Add media_hook_info() to support off-loading media-related hooks into files.
  • #1400200: Switched from using the CTools plugin system to our own.
  • Remove extra
    from Views media browser output.
  • #1448460: Fixed views relationship integration for media fields.
  • #1426820 by mikeytown2, David_Rothstein, Dave Reid: Fixed fatal exception EntityMalformedException and notices if a media field value references an invalid file ID.
  • Followup #1398896: Fixed proper access callback for file/add/web.
  • Removed unused function media_add_remote().
  • #1398896: Decouple the file add forms into their own usable pages outside of the media browser.
  • Fixed the style name of the edit modal.
  • Cleaned up multi-edit form.
  • Fixed display of broken images in WYSIWYG.
  • #1317228: Added example of import pattern.
  • Added default view callback support for all file types.
  • #1056718: Use the correct thumbnail page selector for admin/content/file/thumbnails in media.admin.js.
  • #1056718: Ensure the admin/content/file/thumbnails page works when there are no files to show.
  • Add button-yes and button-no to help style the media link buttons on rubik. Requires #1418412.
  • Follow-up #1213252: Fixed edit URL regular expression was too greedy.
  • Cleaned up install file.
  • #1412348: Added the form action wrapper around the fake buttons in browser tabs.
  • #1365888: Use the module version from as the version for the media libraries.
  • #1141374 by Krasnyj, Dave Reid, gollyg | james.elliott: Fixed PHP notices due to media_field_formatter_view() not re-casting the file array back to an object.
  • #1213252 by Dave Reid, bennetteson | e2thex, jerryitt, tsvenson: Added an 'Edit media' button on the media widget to allow a file's fields to be edited in a CTools modal dialog.
  • #1415466 by MickeA, Dave Reid: Change maximum length on allowed file extensions on file and media fields to 255 characters to allow more input.
  • Fixing admin/content/file/thumbnails menu definition.
  • Cleaned up and prevent XSS in form error messages.
  • #1321600 by bradjones1, davidseth: Integrate the media field type with the Entity API.
  • #1364676: Fixed files uploaded into a 'null' directory.
  • #1405570: Added oga and ogv to the default list of allowed file extensions.