• Confusion about current product/project phase.
  • Too early or too late discussions on different topics/issues.
  • No information on current and next steps anywhere.


  • Do the right things at the right time.
  • Ensure an open-minded design and development process, in which each step goes through proper evaluation of requirements, brainstorming and analysis, and community consensus.
  • Channel discussions and contributions into currently active tasks.


  • This roadmap is not set in stone and very open to improvements. Discuss!


  1. DONE: Research and define an initial high-level scope, target audience, and design parameters.
  2. DONE: Research and define a shortname and "brand" name for the product.
  3. DONE: Research and gather various real world use-cases that match the high-level design parameters.
  4. Research and analyze functionality and content requirements of gathered use-cases.
  5. Research and define the common denominator of requirements of all gathered use-cases.
  6. Setup and commit initial (empty) installation profile code and release packaging.
  7. Extract each high-level requirement into an own feature request issue.

    Note: All issue titles should use the syntax "Feature: [feature-title]".

  8. Research and define user expectations and conceptual design details for each feature.
  9. Research available/possible technical solutions and define ideal technical implementation for each feature.
  10. Implement project dependencies and configuration for each feature, including automated integration tests.
  11. Setup and improve Portfolio project page and documentation.
  12. Publish initial release of Portfolio.
  13. Fix, complete, and improve project dependencies to improve user experience and match expectations.