There is a small issue related to #1558548: Notice: Undefined index: default_image in image_field_prepare_view() that we see in the Panopoly installer. This patch does some better checking against the indexes on the arrays to prevent notices.



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Here's the patch I committed to D7.x-dev to solve this problem: #1558548-4: Notice: Undefined index: default_image in image_field_prepare_view(). Or I think so anyway.

If this patch is needed too, could you cross-post to the Drupal core queue so we can get it incorporated upstream?

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I think I'm seeing this notice on the "Congratulations, you just installed Panopoly" page:

Notice: Undefined index: default_image in image_field_update_instance() (line 501 of ,mysite/panopoly/modules/image/image.module).

If this isn't related, I'll open a new issue,

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I am going to postpone this until Beta 4 and check into how this effects Drupal core. My patch solves the basic problem in the install, but if its a larger Drupal thing want to get it in Drupal core queue.

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This issue has been resolved with Drupal 7.15!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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