I downloaded and installed Drupal 6.26 today. I deleted all my old files, then uploaded all the 6.26 files, ran update.php, and Drupal still says that I have version 6.25.

When I ran update.php, it said 0 of 0 updates, so I kind of wondered about it. Tried flushing cache, running cron, and running update again, still with no luck.

I tried it yet again—delete all files, upload new files—still didn't work. Any thoughts?


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same here :(

It must be a server problem 'cause I uploaded the exact same files to a different site I've got somewhere else and worked fine ???

Don't have a clue what to do to fix this :(

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Same for me :-(

Anyone have an idea ?

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*when you find the delinquent files, you might need to fix the entries in your system table on the DB.

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Thank you solona. That link helped. My issue was with this:

You made a backup of core modules inside the modules or sites folder.

I actually took this site over from someone else, who had drupal-6.25 in sites/all/modules for some reason. Thanks again!

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Support requests are neither major nor critical.

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I found out that the problem was similar to #4

I had the core "modules" folder within the sites/all/modules.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

So I guess this is closed?

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.... well, I guess it is closed as far as the locating the problem goes - in my case.
Now comes the interesting bit of fixing it.
I discovered that at some point I must have put a whole, previous Drupal 6.x upgrade into my /www/sites/all/modules folder. How silly - but obviously I was not the only one - I guess it happens more easily when using FTP for upgrading.
My first attempt in removing the incorrectly placed files & directories ended in disaster - the site just gave me an error relating to l10n-client.
Luckily this could be easily undone by putting Drupal 6.26 back where it shouldn't be. At least the site is running again.
When time allows I will see how to roll this misadventure back and do remind if I haven't reported back here before too long.
The only good news is that now the update shows up correctly.
.... there is no end to learning .... makes life interesting .....

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I found the easiest way to get get things right again are:

  1. I made a copy of the database - actually I use the backup module - so there are always up-to-date bus available.
  2. Don't go further without a back-up of your database that works.
  3. I checked where the problem was - in my case Drupal 6.2x was installed in the wrong directory - example my Drupal 6.25 was in the /www/sites/all/modules
  4. I deleted all files & directories that should not be there, but I left the directory /www/sites/all/modules/modules - because when I tried to delete this earlier my site stopped working.
  5. I went to the to my database - phpmyAdmin
  6. I searched for "sites/all/modules/modules" and found entries under menu_router, cache, system and watchdog
  7. I searched for "tutorial phpmyadmin how to replace a text string".....
  8. .... and found UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,"findstring","replacestring"); - http://www.zimmertech.com/tutorials/php/60/mysql-search-replace-phpmyadm... - thanks for that
  9. I followed the instructions - To search and replace a text string, start up phpMyAdmin, and click on your database name that you want to run the search and replace through. At the top of the window, click on the "SQL" tab. In the text box, enter the following code. This is the generic set-up, so edit to satisfy your needs:
  10. ... which means I noted the tablenames, i.e. menu_router, cache, system and watchdog and the tablefields with the string that needed replacement. Actually I just deleted the entries in watchdog and cache. In menu_router and system I run in my case the command - example: UPDATE menu_router SET file = replace(file,"sites/all/modules/modules/","modules/") - effectively just deleting sites/all/modules/.
  11. .... all done
  12. but be careful now - first I had to do the next step .....
  13. I still had to delete /www/sites/all/modules/modules
  14. ... only now test your site and do a check - otherwise you have to go back to the top ....
  15. all worked fine - great
  16. finally - make another bu of your database now - otherwise you may lose all your hard work

What ever you do - take a back-up of your database before and after ....
Update - I had to come back to this posting to fix the problem once more on another site - and to find that my original posting did not quite work. So, having spend a bit of time to resolve this once more I added the solution above - I had to amend the replace text to "sites/all/modules/modules/","modules/" - to make sure it only catches and replaces the offending path lines .... - all fine now.

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Thanks, try it once, for your solution. I noticed the same problem. I just upgraded the folder in sites/all/modules, too, but that's not really a long-term solution. I will give your steps a try.

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... well, the saga was not over there.
Recently (a few weeks after the "Update") I noticed a messed-up search block and subsequently a series of error messages.
So, while the "Status Report" showed the proper updates now and all else seemed to work it was clear the path settings were still not back to the proper, original set-up.
Solution - I changed the default theme for a minute and then back. I cleared all caches and probably just for good measure also run an update on all modules by selecting the last update version.
This stopped the error messages and the search box is back as it should be. let's see if this was the end of the story; fingers crossed ...