Can you talk a little about how to go about styling this window?
Is there a way to get my own css class into the various classes created for the modal window?

(I would also throw into the documentation that links to this page need to be created by the l() function. Placing it into address bar won't work as you pointed out in another issue.)


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

You're better off checking the CTools issue queue as this module is only a helper for making it easier to use CTools modals.

From what I've seen though, it's difficult to change the modal markup. Most of it comes from CTools' modal.js, not standard Drupal theme functions.

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Turns out there is a way to mess with modal markup. Check out the ctools_ajax_sample module bundled with CTools. There is a file called ctools-ajax-sample.js used as a sample template.

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