Maybe I'm doing something foolish but I don't think so. Let's say I'm receiving numerous spam messages with the following text: "michael kors". I have several choices:

  • I can choose the text analysis to report those spams. Mollom servers should then consider the pattern as spam after some time
  • I can add the string "michael kors" to my own blacklist
  • I can do both, obviously

However it seems that none of this work ok and I'm receiving more and more spams with the same strings and I'm flagging them endlessly. I'm reluctant to switch to the CAPTCHA because it has to come with a proper caching strategy (IIRC cache will be invalidated when a CAPTCHA is displayed)

Is this a known issue or only me?

[EDIT] I realize I didn't gave much info here. For the text analysis I choose to Automatically discard the post and I'm doing the following with the blacklist:

CONTEXT: all fields
MATCHES: contains


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Title: Text analysis doesn't seem to learn from previousy from flagged spam messages » Text analysis doesn't seem to learn from previousy flagged spam messages
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Updated issue summary.

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Hi there,
Are you still experiencing this issue? If so please send an example of a spam item that is getting through with your blacklist entry.

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There's been several stable releases since I first filed this issue. I don't recall seeing this very problem lately so we'd better close this one out and reopen only if it's happening again. Chances are that it'll all be fine.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)