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MD5: 5d9eda5135e35c459e7cc6991077269e
SHA-1: d7c587379b90d9a4ebd793ecaaa8a41467e16c96
SHA-256: acc14e2caa622670d3d470d05b20ee3b2879f98a47502cbbb975b1b8e82eb131
Download sarnia-7.x-1.1-beta2.zipzip 2.76 MB
MD5: b83799fde1c43ae7c31f2601b449f493
SHA-1: 60b1bfcbd5474aa81dff64697920ee97804ea389
SHA-256: be4b444c21b654f3b46eb6c7d9c5d61296f2ef8dd78b7db80d43f61b30d96a23
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/sarnia:^1.1'
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Release info

Created by: becw
Created on: 3 May 2012 at 20:28 UTC
Last updated: 11 Jun 2015 at 19:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

New features

  • Add null views filters. This can be reverted if the patch from is committed to Search API.
  • Make Sarnia work with FacetAPI.
  • Add random sort. this assumes that a random_* field is configured in whatever Solr schema is being used. see #1197538 (see comment 19).
  • Add a formatter to show the number of different types of items in a multi-value media field.
  • Add 'multimedia' field formatter that renders non-media files as links, video and audio as HTML5 players with flash fallback, and displays images inline.
  • Add a 'base url' to the media formatter.
  • Field formatter to render lat/lon fields as an OpenLayers map.
  • Proper HTML lists for multivalue solr fields.
  • Count formatter, shows the number of items in a multivalue field.
  • Better Views argument title handling; also, allow using another Solr property as the title for id arguments.
  • #1386038: fix SearchApiException caused by null search api item type.


  • Fix the path for the SolrPhpClient library in the makefile.
  • Trigger the javascript change event on the original select element when a combobox value is changed.
  • Don't override the field label when the field is first created if it has been customized.
  • Fix array addition in hook_entity_property_info() implementation.
  • Declare some Solr properties in hook_entity_property_info(). This is necessary due to changes from
  • Address fatal errors because of autoloader registration order--add patch from to the makefile.
  • Fix views fields - values weren't showing (??).


  • Set SarniaViewsHandlerField::original_value property by default, since this is sometimes used by views_handler_field::render_text().
  • Move field formatter hooks to a separate file.
  • Don't try to run sarnia views sort handler queries if a solr_property isn't set.
  • Stash solr properties as entities, so that solr doesn't get queried a second time when running entity_load() if possible.
  • Load entities from solr in batches of 50 so that we don't exceed the maximum GET request size.
  • Use the same handler ui_name() pattern for the sarnia filter, sort, and argument handlers as for the field handler.
  • Make the combobox for selecting solr properties as wide as the original select element.
  • Shorten the UI name of views field handlers.
  • Rename the default 'Solr property' field to plain 'Data', with a more sane description.
  • Update the default sarnia index names; override SearchAPI's views table name for Sarnia views data.
  • Rename EntityAPI's 'rendered entity' field for Sarnia entities.
  • Remove unnecessary 'sarnia entity' views field. This is now handled by the EntityAPI module.
  • Only call sarnia_index_get_field_options() once when building field formatter settings forms.
  • Remove the dependency from the name_solr_property option field on the argument id handler, since the combobox js only applies to :visible elements (even when I remove the :visible selector from combobox-behaviors.js).
  • Clean up combobox-behaviors.js.
  • Remove use of deprecated is_a() function.


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