hi everyone

ok so this is what iv done, using the profile2 module i have included a Location field 9used for gmap) which the user fills in when registering, iv also included a telephone number Text field and a Website Text field.

I then created a Rule, which upon registering of a new user it creates a new Node of type School. The School content type also has a Location field. Now i set the Rule to automatically fill in the fields for the School node using the fields filled in at user registration. It successfuly takes the Telephone text field and Website field and puts the correct information in the relevant fields on the School node, except the Location field. I mean i dont even have the option to select the location field within rules to set a value for it. Or am i missing something here and i gotta go a different way about it?

Any help would be much appreciated, iv been doing it for 3 days and cant find any info online to help me



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I would suggest opening an issue in the Location module issue queue http://drupal.org/project/issues/location .

I would guess that this problem is related to Location not fully implementing the Fields API somehow. So, Rules does not recognize the field.

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thank you for the reply
ye i think that is the problem, im in quite a hurry so i was wondering is there a work around for this problem? can i use say a php snippet to grab the info from the location field at registration and then copy it across to a node that?

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I have a similar issue, still trying to a figure out a work around.