This module works as it should, but there is problem, when I try to use it together with Display Suite, because the dependent field isn't hidden as it should according to settings in Conditional fields module settings. I think it is because Display suite also modifies visibility of fields.


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Also taxonomy fields that depends in edit state are affected to view mode. No ability to display them

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Component: Code » Compatibility w/ other modules
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I did a little testing with display suite and could not find any problem. I need more details on your configuration, please.

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When i create a custom field in ds, it doesn't show up in the dependency or dependee list. This seems to be the case for code fields and dynamic fields.

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Another strange case:
- create a content type with two text fields (field_a, field_b) and a boolean field (field_bool)
- use conditional fields to enable field_b only if field_boolean is TRUE.
- add the field_a and field_b on a display suite region
- view the entity: even if both fields are filled and field_bool is TRUE only field_a is visible.

But if you add "field_bool" into the ds region, field_b will be visible...

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Also, this module seems to break the order of the fields.

For example, if you have field_a and field_b and field_c, and you arrange them in the "Manage display" tab, the settings you configure there get overridden on the output. I see this in the teaser view mode

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I think that is the issue Im having as the conditions are ignored and it isn't working and I'm using Display suite

I getting the JS error
Warning:ReferenceError:reference to undefined property a.returnValue

when I click on the Dependee