I needed to get the enclosure working with Media so I created this patch.

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Patch attached

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Thanks David! Patch applied (with 2 small changes) and pushed to d.o.

Out of sheer curiosity - you're using 1.x version of Media module I guess? I'm asking as I'm developing Views RSS: Media (MRSS) Elements module (and testing everything) based on 2.x branch of Media module, where there is no media field type anymore, and that's also why it was not included in the field types here.

Quoting after Comparison between Media 1.x and 2.x:

The 'Multimedia asset' field has been deprecated and moved to its own sub-module. Site builders are recommended to use the core Image and File fields for handling file and media (and use the 'Media file selector widget for those fields) rather than using 'Multimedia asset' fields.

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Hello @maciej.zgadzaj,

Yes, I am using the deprecated Media field type. But it is still used in Media 1.x and some early adopters of 2.x (that is me!). So there would be a fair amount of users who have it in place.

Thanks for taking the time to apply the patch!



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