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Last updated: May 3, 2012 - 00:50

Release notes

OK, this is it, the Release Candidate is a go!

From here on in new features will not be added, only bugs and minor tweaks will be applied, so we're really looking for those bugs or small oversights that may have occurred at some stage during dev, and we can only find those by actually using the theme in real everyday site and theme builds, so time to get hacking ;)

There were quite a few changes from beta1:

- Google fonts got a total overhaul. I was never really happy with it so when it was suggested we use a text field and allow users to just paste in the font name and make a few settings I jumped on it. Its now more flexible, faster and requires far less maintenance, and you are not held to the list the theme maintains, use any font the moment it gets released on Google. Its a win win and while a little harder to use, its just a lot better. #1534416: Use text input instead of select for Google fonts option

- Stylesheet load failure warning system. This was built to ease migration and deployment issues for large sites using GIT or other VCS that migrate on a daily basis from dev to staging etc but do not version control the files directory. This warnings tell the admin the theme settings must be re-saved to regenerate the CSS files: #1543990: Set message if generated files are missing, document file generation

- Old generated files are now removed, instead of saving them all.

- I changed some of the CSS in the Panels layouts to mitigate inheritance issues when layouts are nested, such as a display suite node inside a panels page etc. I ran into some nasty inheritance issues I had not accounted for, the fixes are quite minor and was nothing you need to even think about.

- Small tweaks to some of the three column panels layouts.

- Change to the commenting style in CSS files, I moved all the inline comments to above the declarations because the inline style caused a failure in TopStyle, and quite possibly this might happen in other CSS editors - the commenting style was an experiment I took from another project and did improve readability (the whole point of it), so what I have done is double space the declarations. I think this is just easier to read and scan quickly.

- Full cleanup of the SCSS files (again, could use one more iteration I think). The main changes here is reinstating the include custom to base.scss instead of @including custom in every scss file. I added a font stack and some other variables, and generally improved the config.rb and base.scss stuff.

- Quite a few small CSS tweaks, especially block margins (there was a bug: #1554144: Block class margin) and I tweaked up the form styles by removing some redundancies and strait out wrong stuff in the SCSS sass files.

So rock on, lets see if there are any more bugs hiding in there.

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