Now that code can run multiple functions, make it a lot easier to take full advantage and put an endpoint in hook_boot.

D6 runs at DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_LATE_PAGE_CACHE in _drupal_bootstrap() [6 of 9].
D7 runs in _drupal_bootstrap_page_header() [6 of 8].

D6: hook_boot bootstrap level takes about 70ms. Full level takes close to 300ms.
D7: hook_boot bootstrap level takes about 25ms. Full level takes close to 300ms.

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Might need more work; but calling it quits today.

httprl_recursive_array_reference_extract needs documentation.
See if httprl_run_callback and httprl_run_function can be merged.
See if httprl_run_array can use httprl_run_function/callback.

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Merging functions isn't going to be easy. Skipping this for now. Removed httprl_caller.php as I can now accomplish the same goal using hook_boot with less overhead. The following patch has been committed.

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Fix more bugs. Patch has been committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.