I have two different profile2 profile types. One is a main profile that all users fill in (and i have checked the "show on all user account registration forms" option on the profile type settings), the other is only for a certain user role, and gets displayed in addition to the first one upon registration. I have created to profile2 registration paths, and the correct forms are being pulled in.

The problem is that for the first profile type, fields which are in a group (field group module) do not show up on the registration form when using profile2 registration path. When I move a field out of the group it shows up fine on the registration form.

On the normal node edit form for the same profile type, fields show up properly whether or not they are in a group. Additionally, for the second profile type, fields that are in groups are displaying just fine.

What's going on here? Can anyone give me an idea of how to figure out why these fields are being excluded from the first profile type's registration form when I put them in a field group?

PS. I previously had the groups set up to display as multi-page groups (which creates multistep form functionality) but this caused errors with the profile2 registration path, so I switched them back to being normal groups. Is there any possibility that some leftover settings in the database are causing conflicts?

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Thanks for submitting this issue. The 7.x-2.x branch is not production-ready. There are numerous bugs, and I am aware that this feature is not working correctly.

If you have time, please feel free to contribute to the branch. It may be sometime before I am able to spend time working on it.

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I am having exactly the same problem with 7.x-1.2. I have two profile types, which we'll call P1 and P2. P1 is set to show on all registration pages, using the regpath module. P2 is set to have a custom registration path, /P2/register.

The P1 fields are shown properly on /user/register. But on /P2/register, they're gone. The title of the profile shows, but none of the fields. If I remove fields from the field group, they show up. Weirdly, if (and ONLY if) I set the field group to display as "Vertical Tab," they show up, even if I don't add a Vertical Tab group. But otherwise, they're gone.

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I can replicate this error. I get the following layout :


Using : 7.x-1.9

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Priority: Normal » Critical

Is there any progress on this ? Our project has been stalled because of this for quite a while. We are open to support the proces.

If so, please contact.

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Honestly, I have not look into this issue at. I'd be happy to review and commit any patches to fix the bug.

Is this applicable to the 1.x branch? If so, I may fix it sooner, as I'd like to have a stable version out there. However, the 2.x branch needs a lot more work, and I'm not going to promise a release time for it.

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Yes this would be for the 1.x branch, more pricicely i'm using the 7.x-1.9 stable release.

If there's anything that i could do for you, please say so. I can test stuff for you or make a test situation availbile.

Thanks in advanced

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Version: 7.x-2.0-alpha1 » 7.x-1.9

changing version.

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Priority: Critical » Normal

I've just committed a fix to dev. It seems to be working. Please test and report back.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Moving to fixed until I hear otherwise.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately I'm one of those lucky people affected by the GoDaddy problems of late, so I now was finally able to test it out. The rest of the time the host was either offline or incredibly slow >.>

I updated to the 1.19 dev version and i must say : Incredible work! The problem is solved ! You sir are a magician.

Thanks for the great fix!

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Status: Fixed » Active

I'm reopening this because I'm planning to reintroduce this bug. Sounds crazy, I know, but here's the deal...

The fix that I put in place to take care of this bug actually causes another more serious bug.. it breaks AJAX functionality for all AJAX enabled fields on profile forms. Not good.

I did some more investigating and came to the realization that this is not a P2RP bug! It's a profile2 bug. If you disable P2RP, create two profile types, and check 'show on registration form' for both, this bug occurs. So, the fix really needs to be made on the Profile2 module.

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