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MD5: a8f126549e920e2d3efd54a61cbe0ca8
SHA-1: fb6d7c8f9292af317c122b352a72b12c36c1b760
SHA-256: 337e9d58045346c21a82ac90992c0f32ab3896e60dff9ddc69de87b950abf73c
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MD5: 5c1c82c4b82fcd93fe26f2efbfbea98e
SHA-1: 7840c5c0a6a8908ee4af7f6f16bf8670b20c95e3
SHA-256: e65e007af61cca92aca755bb07c9fdb769db7725f0f185d95f6762a9691c064a

Release info

Created by: amitaibu
Created on: May 1, 2012 - 18:37
Last updated: May 1, 2012 - 18:41
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This is a bug fixes released. New features are only going to be accepted in the 2.x branch.

Changes since 7.x-1.3:

  • #1545490 by rbrandon: Fixed OG has an unlisted dependency on text.
  • #1539974 by Amitaibu | tim.plunkett: Add more complete docs for OG states (e.g. OG_STATE_ACTIVE)
  • #1539972 by tim.plunkett: Fixed og_get_group() is missing the @param for .
  • #1515170 by bulldozer2003 | djween: Add User permission ignored when unchecked.
  • #1427960 by bulldozer2003 | jaypark: Fixed pre_render() compatibility.
  • #1469738 by Amitaibu | quicksketch: Add check in hook_form_alter() around og_field_widget_form_validate().
  • #1465838 by quicksketch: Added Rename OG UI permission labels and descriptions for clarity.
  • #1452836 by quicksketch: Fixed Editing a different user account with drop-down audience widget may remove all group memberships.
  • #1338066 by tim.cosgrove: Fixed og_default_list() field formatter double-escapes entities.
  • #1439836: Remove .cvsignore file.
  • #1414722 User's roles aren't re-mapped when overriding roles
  • #1344148 by jgraham: Fixed array_flip() error og_load() called with bad entity ID via views validate_argument().
  • Revoke role only from the correct group.
  • #1421084 reported by bojanz: Add OG views data only to correct entity types.
  • #1390622 by lliss: Fixed typ in permission description
  • #1400734 by Amitaibu, quicksketch: Building the list of user groups in og_field_audience_options() should not unnecessarily load all groups.
  • #1396952 by rlmumford: Fixed 'group' entity label key not set.
  • #1364466 by thinkyhead, Amitaibu: Fixed Spinning forever in og_migrate_og_migrate_upgrade_group().
  • Remove update hook from og-ui, as it was moved long ago to an og-migrate plugin.
  • #1164516 by wjaspers, fago, mckeen.greg, matt2000 | Schnitzel: Added OG Roles in Views: Patch Attached.
  • Fix message about migrate plugins, appearing incorrectly even if there are pending migrations.
  • Check for OG access also for user 1.
  • Re-add previously unset Views handlers for group audience GID argument and field. Also re-export "OG content" view to reflect this change.
  • Remove a very old hook_mail() implementation, that was left in code by mistake.
  • Don't use OG's define variable inside update function.
  • #1299174 by fago, Amitaibu: Fixed URL parameters are not taken into account if there is no field access.
  • #1350694 by Jody Lynn: Make Og_ui_group_admin_overview() easier to theme override.
  • Add OG audience field metadata callback.
  • #1341990 by Itangalo, Amitaibu: Added views default argument to return all user's group, and added "All user group content" default view.
  • #1341472 by Amitaibu: Cleanup the Views integration text.
  • #1263588 by Amitaibu: Allow having multiple group-audience type fields.
  • #1238186 by casey, tim.plunkett | Les Lim: Add views relationship from a group entity to its base entity.
  • Minor: remove unneccesary brackets.
  • #1336128 reported by alphasupremicus: Edit own content doesn't check the $user
  • #1317164 by mradcliffe, Amitaibu: Add setting to make node-access more permissive by not explicitly denying access to node. With tests.
  • refs #1264036: comment out, for now, uninstall test - until decided what's the best approach would in OG.
  • #1323622 by erik_o: Fixed Og migrate failure when upgrading from D6 to D7 - user/group relations.
  • Remove strict option from og_user_access_entity() as we now return NULL from non-OG context. With tests.
  • #1325378 reported by IronWorker: When checking entity access, return early if entity isn't saved yet.