I checked out the adv forums for drupal but it is lacking in many ways. I am wondering what is the best bridge to use that is not just a iframe on a webpage. If you have one that is nice to use please post link to it. I would really like better forums then drupals.


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The bridges end up being more hassles than they are worth. You get two separate admin interfaces, and the interaction between them is minimal at best. I used to use a phpbb drupal bridge, and eventually switched to a Drupal only solution, using the advanced forum module and a bunch of other forum enhancements. The result can be seen here:


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Whether bridges are more hassle depends on the forum, really. If you have a huge forum with thousands of daily posts, trying to moderate that with Drupal's limited tools will send you screaming for a bridge. For smaller forums, though, bridges are definitely not worth the hassle.

BTW, that bell can be changed to something more Japanese... ;)


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Hi Nipper, but currently are you using a bridge or just managing a forum alone?