Is now impossible for me to change the size of the images that are displayed. Once you have clicked through from the */albums page, into the indivitual albums the thumbnails are 72x54px, and can not be resised in the module control panel. The full size images now max out at 288px. The random picture now only displays at 72px too.

I noticed google changed some things on picasa this week. Perhaps they changed something in the API too.

Thanks for all the good work. This Picasa module was the one that made me choose drupal. I hope you can bring back the previous functionality.


Greg McMullin


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Welcome to Drupal! I'm extremely happy about some of the latest changes Google made to the API ... I'll take this into advisement as I refactor the code. Thanks.

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Brilliant. Thanks a lot.

Keep up the good work.

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I noticed the problem at the author's webpage too! So it's at least not my fault ;)
Hope we'll see a fix soon and thanks for the good work!

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Hey all,

I've got a fix for this..... I've hacked my picasa module up a bit so the line numbers won't match up but I'll post a fix for it when I get a chance......

You can see my album with 144px sized thumbnails at:

I think I'm going to start hacking around a bit more to introduce some more of the picasa api features.

The Cherry Pit -

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Title: Something has changed. » Thumbnail Size Fix

I've posted a fix on my site, you can view it Here

The Cherry Pit!

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Nice one! Ill have a go at fixing it this weekend.

I notice that the full sized images are still stuck on 288px. But its a good start!

Any news on when the new release is due?

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Hey gergtreble,

Let me know how it goes for you.

As to the limitations of the full sized image I'll have a look into it.

Perhaps I should start touching base with Cyberswat as to adding things in to the module, but my current interests are to have it working off of Curl, get some style choice in there, or perhaps some other presentation styles, and Private album access is a big one for me..... also perhaps get the zend_Gdata api better represented in the code :)


The Cherry Pit -

Only local images are allowed.

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I really appreciate the help. Another user has pointed out the drupal_http_request method that should be used over a custom approach. I've been working on implementing Picasa into Drupals node system and integrating it with Views, et all. There should be a 5.2 dev release that shows up soon on the project page containing my code. If you would like to help out please download that code and let's work on integrating your changes.

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I couldn't make it work (thumbnail size was 72 and image size in gallery was also small). So I did following:

in method picasa_display_album_contents() I replaced

$image = str_replace("imgmax=72", "imgmax=".$thumbSize, $attributes['URL']);


$image = str_replace("/s72", "/s".$thumbSize, $attributes['URL']);

The same I did in method picasa_display_album_image():
I replaced this:
$image = str_replace("imgmax=288", "imgmax=".$thumbSize, $image);
$image = str_replace("/s288", "/s512", $image); //size is hardcoded to 512

I hope that someone will find this info useful.

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Your method seems simple enough, but help a newby out here... what or where is "method picasa_display_album_contents()" Is it in the CSS file? Is it PHP? I can't find!

"I replaced
$image = str_replace("imgmax=72", "imgmax=".$thumbSize, $attributes['URL']);
$image = str_replace("/s72", "/s".$thumbSize, $attributes['URL']);

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Title: Thumbnail Size Fix » Thumbnail Size Fix - using the picasaweb slideshow instead
Component: Miscellaneous » Code

I was having trouble with the thumbnails too, so I've got another hacked version of the original picasaweb module.

Main changes:

  • It embeds picasaweb slideshows instead of showing the entire album as thumbnails
  • The index of albums is now a list - should still be able to have the old layout with the right css
  • The album title can be customised in the picasaweb settings page (so can the size of the embedded slideshow)
  • The album page includes the album description

I've gone with the slideshows instead of the thumbnails because it provides navigation between the images and the slideshows look cool. If you don't want the slideshows then this version isn't for you!

I've got it running and

It still only handles a single picasaweb login per site.

If you want to use it prior to the new version coming out, download a copy.

I consider this a short-term fix because there's active development on a new version, not this version. If it's useful I'll figure out how to make it more official.

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Thanks for your modified Picasa module. I like this one better than the plane thumbnail album. Have you been in contact with the original author to get your changes incorporated into the main development line?



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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

FIxed in 5.x-3.1