When trying to add a new slide to the Homepage slideshow, when selecting a choice from the "License settings for this image" pull-down, I didn't realize that "--Creative Commons--" wasn't one of the options. (If you're not familiar with CC, it's not obvious that all of the other options in the pull-down are types of CC licenses.) So, when I kept trying to select Creative Commons, it kept giving me a "License settings for this image field is required." error, which subsequently seems to have broken the titles on the homepage slideshow...

(Note: Could we take "--Creative Commons--" out of that pull-down to avoid confusion? Maybe rename the menu options "CC: Attribution", "CC: Attribution, Share-Alike", etc.? )

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Think this may be related to #1528702: Caption overflow on excessive text in nivo-slider images

If you thought as I did that the slide title would be the media item title, it's actually not. Currently you have to put your title in the description of the slide, and make it a heading (like h2). The title field here is currently redundant as far as the slideshow goes, I think.

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Hmm, yes, you're right the title field doesn't seem to be displaying at all. I don't think that's always been the case, though...

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Two things here and lightsurge summarised it pretty well;
1. I think the majority of the confusion here was due to how the title gets used previously it was rather confusing but hopefully #1528702: Caption overflow on excessive text in nivo-slider images has cleared up some of that. Additionally there was some poor markup incorrectly using h1 tags which would have broken the title appearance.
2. The error concerning "Creative Commons" is a ui issue with the media_gallery module. The "-- Creative Commons --" option is a separator to indicate that the selections below are all CC licenses. This should probably be shifted to use a proper multi-dimensional select list so that the "Creative Commons" would not be a selectable option but would show up providing the intended visual grouping.

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So, I still have some confusion regarding the Homepage Slideshow Title & Caption situation. I'm working with a fresh new Julio install, and there's still a bizarro disconnect between the default Titles and Captions displayed on the Homepage Slideshow, and what you see when you go to the Edit Media screen.

For an example, here's what I see for the flower picture, upon install:

flower picture on Homepage Slideshow

But then, if I do this--
1. Click the contextual menu for the slideshow and select Add/Edit Slides.
2. Click the Edit Media tab.
3. Scroll down to the slide in question.
--I see this, which does not seem to match what's getting displayed on the homepage:

the flower slide from the Edit Media page

AND THEN, when I do make an edit on the Edit Media page (to a slide title/caption), ALL of the slides in the gallery get automatically updated and start displaying the text on the Edit Media page--all is right with the world. (Meanwhile, I go back to frantically double-check my screenshots and make sure I wasn't imagining things. I wasn't. >_<)

So, as near as I can tell, the disconnect only shows up first thing, on a brand new install, but the minute you do actually edit the info for one of the slides it all sorts itself out. Perhaps this is something we don't have to address after all?

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Thanks for very detailed the follow up I will take a look at this tomorrow. It sounds like the user experience side is all sorted its just an issue with the data quality of the initial slides.

I know there are some issues with the shipped gallery images and text not matching the behaviour of the site. I think that is exactly what you are describing, I just need to go through those and make sure that everything matches up during the install so that there isn't the disconnect or jump in behaviour once the site is in use.

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Resolved in the latest 7.x.1.x thanks again for the super detailed report kiwifr00t.

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No problem! :) Have a good holiday!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.