With some 20+ Views on my site, I'm unable to take advantage of the full Views menu. Please insert an interim submenu level which groups the views by their type (content, terms, etc.). Or should it be a configuration setting for admin menu?


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Title: Group Views by content category » Group views by tag
Version: 7.x-3.0-rc2 » 7.x-3.x-dev

I like the idea.

However, Views itself does not seem to allow to filter the views by tag; e.g.


We'd need something like that in order to make any sense of the injected category parent links (i.e., when grouping all "admin" views below an "admin" views category link, then you'd expect to see the same listing of all "admin" views when clicking on that parent/group/category link).

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I thought that if we can have filter panel above Views list, we could also use it to group menu items. Oh well, then maybe each view could have a "Show in menu" checkbox, or maybe we could have top 10 recently edited... It could be a pref setting.
It's difficult to me to judge which is possible and which should be taken care by Admin Menu authors for example, but definitely if I'm not sure if the View will fit in the screen when reaching out for menu, I always tend to open the overlay first. Thus, the menu seems to be barely useful.

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