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This Cookbook shows, how you can have some different Event-types in one Event-Calendar for Drupal 7 ( The Event-calendar shows every user only the for his role(s) allowed Event-types. You can use this e.g. to differ in internal, administrative and public Events.


Step 1: Build the Event-types

  1. If not enabled, (download, install to your modules-path like sites/all/modules and) enable the Module "References" (
  2. If not enabled, download and install the Content Access module
  3. On the first event-type, you create a Date-field.
  4. Configure the Date-field suitably (especially set "Time zone handling" to "No time zone conversion" [1]), before you use an Event-type by adding content. After adding content to one Event-type, you cannot change the setting of these Date-fields.
  5. On the next Event-type Add existing field, select the Date-field you created from the "Field to share" popup. The Label doesn't matter.
  6. And so on for the next event-type.
  7. Visit '<your event type>/access' and set the permissions for an event-type.

In the module Calendar you have only ONE date-field from several event-types (and no problems in the calendar).

Step 2: Add one or more events per Event-type

To test:
Click several times on "Add content" in the Navigation-menu, select the Event-type, add Title, Date/Time and Body as you like, Click on "Save".

Step 3: View the event-calendar

Visit ''.
Login as an (test-)user from another user-group to view the visible events.

Good luck!

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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As I already had the Entity Reference Module installed, and the Reference page mentions its probable deprecation in favor of it, I went ahead and tried this using Entity Reference.
This works just fine!

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What is the point of References or Entity Reference here? Although I have Entity Reference module installed for other purposes in my site, it is not mentioned why I need it for this specific cookbook.

Old username: pc-wurm

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This is a Cookbook, which shows how you can do something.

Feel free to change one module with another compareable, like you can read in Update re: Module dependencies. I have never tested this, so I cannot say this is ok (and put it in the Cookbook).
But I think, this may be ok.

You need one of these modules for 'Add existing field'. You can find this info, if you try this cookbook (always on a new drupal-install) without these modules!