Hello folks

I got the following error trying to export my theme sections.

Recoverable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in omega_tools_build_info_file() (line 356 of /home/rbm/kla_tencor/sites/all/modules/omega_tools/omega_tools.module)..

The error is caused , because the i18n module store the followin configuration as object.


stdClass Object
    [language] => en
    [name] => English
    [native] => English
    [direction] => 0
    [enabled] => 1
    [plurals] => 0
    [formula] => 
    [domain] => 
    [prefix] => 
    [weight] => 0
    [javascript] => 
    [provider] => locale-browser

Is necessary handle this kind of situation.


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Hello folks.

I did a small patch to handle object setting from omega theme.

This patch transform the object in an array like this:

settings[i18n_variable_language][language] = 'en'
settings[i18n_variable_language][name] = 'English'
settings[i18n_variable_language][native] = 'English'
settings[i18n_variable_language][direction] = '0'
settings[i18n_variable_language][enabled] = '1'
settings[i18n_variable_language][plurals] = '0'
settings[i18n_variable_language][formula] = ''
settings[i18n_variable_language][domain] = ''
settings[i18n_variable_language][prefix] = ''
settings[i18n_variable_language][weight] = '0'
settings[i18n_variable_language][javascript] = ''
settings[i18n_variable_language][provider] = 'locale-browser'

Enjoy IT.


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This makes export work!

But how do I add more than one language to .info? Is it even possible?

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Title: Error exporting theme in Multi Language Sites » Exporting theme does not work in Multi Language Sites
Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Yes, the patch fixes this.