I have installed and enabled Drupal Commerce and all the other modules required to run it, bit now my admin menu has disappeared off the top of the page. I can still create content and edit it, and edit profiles, so it's not a permissions error.
How to I get it back up?



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There's nothing about Drupal Commerce that should conflict with Admin Menu. Try clearing your cache and refreshing the page to see if it comes back.

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Tried this several times: No luck. Perhaps if I deleted the Drupal Commerce module with an FTP client?

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Oh, you don't want to do that. It's just asking for trouble... never wanna delete code after it's been installed, because there are all sorts of tables, fields, etc. in your database that requires that code to be around. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling Admin Menu first.

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Is that the 'Menu' folder in Modules? I deleted that and re-uploaded it, and that didn't fix it...
(Major priority: I can't administrate my site!)

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As I said above, do not delete stuff. That's not the way to uninstall a Drupal module; you need to go to the Modules page in the site, disable it, uninstall it from the uninstallation tab, and then re-enable it. Just because you don't have the menu doesn't mean you can't administer your site. Just browse to /admin/modules and you'll be in the right place.

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My site is
does not work?
No combination will get me to the admin menu!

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

From the error message on the bottom of your screen, it looks like Drupal is trying to locate files you've deleted off the server. There's no way we'll be able to reproduce your issue to debug it, because deleting files of installed modules is just a non-starter for Drupal sites.

That said, it appears to me your site is not using Clean URLs, so instead of visiting http://tavtheatrecompany.hostoi.com/admin/modules, you should visit http://tavtheatrecompany.hostoi.com/?q=admin/modules. I hope that gets you somewhere. I'm going to have to mark this issue as un-reproduceable, because there's no way for us to really determine what's gone wrong at this point. I doubt it was with the Commerce modules and Admin Menu, though.

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WEll ! Finally its got worked for me......

Please go admin/modules and go to the UNINSTALL tab you will find lots drupal core modules got disabled..
Please do enable those core modules.

Then it will appear automatically....

It works for me .. Good luck....