Because will transition to D7 before the other *.d.o sites, we need to support multisite apachesolr access across both D6 & D7 sites in the infrastructure.
Multisite search using apachesolr requires 6.x-3.x to work correctly with 7.x sites.
Multisite search using apachesolr also requires apachesolr 6.x-3.x.
So, to facilitate our mixed D6/D7 environment, we'll need to upgrade drupalorg_crosssite to support apachesolr 6.x-3.x and play nicely with apachesolr_multisitesearch 6.x-3.x (and deploy 6.x-3.x versions to all D6 environments in the infrastructure).

Related Tasks

#1549764: Remove menu tabs from search results page

#9 1549374-9.patch1 KBNick_vh
#7 1549374-7.patch7.74 KBNick_vh


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Issue D7, +porting

Tagging. Nevermind me!

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Issue tags:+solr

One more.

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Title:Upgrade drupalorg_crosssite to support 6.x-3.x version of Apachesolr (Prep for D7 d.o)» [Meta] Upgrade drupalorg_crosssite to support 6.x-3.x version of Apachesolr (Prep for D7 d.o)
Issue tags:+sprint 2

Re-titling and tagging.

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Status:Active» Needs review
new7.74 KB

And first patch to go to apachesolr 6.x-3.x

Took some blood sweat and tears to understand what is going on there, but it should be an exact functional port

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Issue summary:View changes

Adding #1549764 as a related task.

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Thanks for the efforts here. I've incorporated what you did plus some of the work I had already accomplished and/or was in the branch for this issue.
As we move forward, the locations for work on d.o search upgrades are in the following locations:

If we can stick to those branches, it'll make my patch application and merges simpler moving forward, but I really appreciate all the effort and progress and cleanup you've made.

If you check out each of those branches, it should help to make sure everyone stays on the same page. I'm sure there is still some cleanup in all the new stuff that's been committed, but we're definitely making progress.
Thanks again.

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new1 KB

Updating with an important fix, the search text in the theme was using the #title instead of the placeholder. The problem was that the content was being sent to the search. When we use a placeholder, this problem is mitigated.

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Status:Needs review» Needs work

For the placeholder- I generally like this change. We do want to keep the title, and no placeholder, for the home page of the main site. Some JS in the theme will be removed too.

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Title:[Meta] Upgrade drupalorg_crosssite to support 6.x-3.x version of Apachesolr (Prep for D7 d.o)» Upgrade drupalorg_crosssite to support 6.x-3.x version of Apachesolr (Prep for D7 d.o)
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Issue summary:View changes

Adding Bill's list of to-dos.

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Status:Needs work» Fixed

It seems like this change was committed? Please be more clear in what you commit and what you don't? Very confusing!

Marking this issue as fixed until new issues arise, under the premises of cleanup and clarity

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I merged the latest 6.x-3.x into the 1549374-support-new-apachesolr branch.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Issue summary:View changes

Removing the list of sub-tasks.