I have been looking ALL over the web and cannot see where to edit the "Allowed Extensions" section for the video uploads. I have users that want to upload .m4v files but it will not let them. The latest video modules do not have the section that allowed you to edit the extensions, so where do I go to add that extension? Thanks


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That is strange. It should be in the field edit screen at admin/content/node-type/NODETYPE/fields/FIELDNAME, below the Help text text area. If it's not there, please post a screenshot.

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Wow how did I not see that? Everything is there as described, thanks so much!

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I noticed that as I entered m4v in the list of extensions I get the following error messages at the top:

Only web-standard videos are supported through the videoftp widget. If needing to upload other types of files, change the widget to use a standard file upload.

Is it bad practice to allow m4v as an extension?

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I have added this extension to the list of allowed extensions. It will be available in the next -dev release.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.