It's now over a year since Michelle released AF 6.x-2.0-alpha4 - we're aware that a significant number of the Drupal 6 sites that use AF use the 6.x-2.x-dev release, which is not a desirable situation.

In fact the majority of D6 sites that use AF use 6.x-1.2 which is a shame, as in Michelle's words "2.x is so much better". We can't blame anyone for not wanting to use an alpha, or even a -dev version on their live sites though.

We're aiming to get some new releases done in the near future, following the usual convention of betas and release candidates.

I'll set a very loose target of having a full release out around the middle of the year (2012, that is ;-)

This is going to mean focussing on fixing any remaining bugs in AF itself, with less priority given to fixing integrations with other modules. No new features will added to the 2.x branch.

With Drupal 6 entering its twilight years, it's unlikely we'll be making a new D6 branch.

The other module maintainers and I would very much appreciate help with this final push to get a full release of the 6.x-2.x branch.

You can help by reporting bugs (although I'll be happy if not many are reported!) - even better by submitting patches to fix bugs.

It would also be great if you could help by testing fixes - this will let us close issues with confidence, and make speedy progress toward that full release!


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Many thanks for keeping the D6 branch going! Without you, there's pretty much no chance 6.x-2.0 would ever happen as I simply can't do it.

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No problem Michelle - you did all the hard work!

Just to add, we intend to mark 6.x-2.0 as the recommended release, and move the 6.x-1.x release to supported.

This does not necessarily mean that sites on 6.x-1.x should upgrade, but in theory it shouldn't be too hard to do so. The underlying data structure does not change between the two branches, but the presentation layer does. Particularly any custom themes, templates, CSS etc... will almost certainly need to be adapted in order to upgrade. Obviously the key here will be thorough testing and preparation before upgrading any production sites.

New sites being built on D6 should use the recommended release, which we hope will soon be 6.x-2.0 - we've been (cautiously) recommending the 2.x branch for a while now anyway.

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advanced_forum 6.x-2.0-beta1 was released yesterday.

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Cheers to Michelle & mcdruid. Thanks very much for this module!

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That's the one I use and I don't see any bug personally.